Joseph Ludski is a prominent business figure with the Western Cape. He started his business 38 years ago, and due commitment and sheer determination, managed to build a successful business. The business has achieved overwhelming success including many top awards in the auto parts industry, hence being a member of all the major auto manufacturers’ panel. Ludski Autobody Repairers is at the forefront of these developments and through its active leadership, company intents to position itself as an exemplary BEE business and as a champion of fair pricing. The company is presently operating profitably and anticipates net profit margins of 8.25% during 2008, growing to 15% by 2010. In order to achieve this growth, Ludski Autobody Repairers has built a brand new workshop which will be incorporated with the existing workshop. For this reason, Ludski Autobody Repairers has purchased new equipment in accordance with the most stringent manufacturing standards during the forthcoming year.

Suppliers to the industry provide motor spares, consumables, tyres,motor body repair services (MBR), vehicle towing and other products. In former years, the MBR sector was exclusively represented by SAMBRA until small black companies began competing more aggressively and created SAARSA. Today, both organizations co-exist and address concerns on behalf of smaller panel shops, especially with short-term insurers, who finance the majority of motor repairs in South Africa.